Winter and glitter in The Secret Affair

Winter and glitter for January’s round of The Secret Affair. One can feel the magic in the air in this hidden spot in the mountains…

It’s a fantasy fashion & design event, but this forest glade designed by Divine will invite you to stay just to wait to see some elves on their way to Valinor. She uses to achieve that result in her landscaping design. And, if you listen close, you will listen some music… one of my music tracks!* Dream, a loop made for DREAM art installation. Divine surprise me earlier this week using it to give the place the oniric sound shape. Make sure to have active the sounds in world to listen!

The TSA will open in short, maybe even while i’m writing this words, with, as always, fantastic releases from many designers, including my tribute to David Bowie and Galaxy & Ring. As its location is secret until its opening, I will provide the Land Mark after, but while I let you 2 captures here of this forest glade, entrance and E.V.E stand, taken at medium graphics but with Advanced Lighting activated. Click on them to make them larger. Hope you’ll like the place as much as me 🙂

Update: The Secret Affair now is open, taxi here.

*Yeah, I also do music, but in small dosis 😉 Now that we are talking about forests, elves, magic and fantasy… Here one song I did for another art installation, Tir Na Nog, some years ago.


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