David Bowie Tribute…

Sexy, androgen, fantastic… so Bowie. I love it!!! Thank you ❤

Sweet little world of Mɇłøđɏ Ŧɍøᵾƀłɇ

“I’m a blackstar,
I’m a star’s star,
I’m a blackstar…”

(Blackstar, David Bowie).

custom pose by: [Rolu] poses

E.V.E studio:

E.V.E Asgard wings.

E.V.E BLACKSTAR mask and crown can be found at The Secret Affair January round (taxi) and it’s available in 4 colors: black, bronze, gold and silver.

E.V.E DANCING Stars Lights can be also found at TSA, there is another version DANCING Stars Galaxy & Rings in blue, pink, vanilla.

Sans titre-1


Appoline shoes (389L$) for Tres Chic event (taxi) from January 17th to February 10th, available in 4 colors: caramel, white, fuschia and onyx.


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