Dancing Stars Galaxy and Ring

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.” (Gary Allan).

New release for The Secret Affair

The Dancing Stars Galaxy and Ring are part of E.V.E’s Dancing collection of animated lights and the second model of Dancing Stars. The main differences with 1st model, the Dancing Stars Fireflies, are the 12-pointed stars, the overall shapes of the Galaxy and Ring and how they dance.

  • GALAXY is a cloud of stars that dances and floats around
  • RING is ideal to stand out a certain object or spot, like a window or a fountain, or to create arches and tunnels in paths and caverns

You can have them at this January’s round of The Secret Affair.

E.V.E Poster Adds Dancing Stars Galaxy and Ring

You can rez them or wear them. The Dancing Stars Galaxy and Ring are and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Dancing Collection of Animated Lights
  • 2 versions: COPY or COPY & MOD
    • COPY version includes:
      A Color (white, vanilla, pink, blue, bronze, gold, silver and black)
      Resizer (default sizes: Galaxy= 10 meters / 14 prims, Ring= 10 meters / 10 prims)
    • MOD & COPY version includes:
      • 12-pointed star, Galaxy and Ring blocks fully modifiable in white, bronze, silver, gold and black
      • 12-pointed star in to versions:
        • with physics (default size = 2 meters / 27 prims)
        • without physics (default size = 2 meters / 1 prim)


They have a transparent box and planes to help you to select, move or edit the lights.

  1. Activate Highlight Transparent objects in Second Life with Ctrl+Alt+T to see them
  2. Right Mouse Button click over the plane or box to open the secondary menu and choose Edit


Creating tunnels of stars in certain areas of a path or hole can help to focus visitors into a direction. To do a simple 3 ring tunnel, you only need to:

  1. Rez a ring and rotate it 90º from horizontal to vertical  and then duplicate it back twice
  2. Add frontal rotation of +9oº to the second ring and -90º to the 3rd one to add diversity from the 1st one

This last will help you to generate richer environments.


Although you can resize the Galaxy cloud as bigger as you wish, for large areas is better to duplicate a cloud, move it a bit and rotate it to add more diversity. Repeat the process some more times, changing the size, location and rotation, until you cover the area. Remember that the bigger a mesh is in Second Life, the more land impact will cost.



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