Blackstar mask and crowns

“I’m a blackstar,
I’m a star’s star,
I’m a blackstar…”

Blackstar, David Bowie.

I was finishing the Dancings Stars Ring and Galaxy as new release for this January’s round of The Secret Affair when the Thin White Duke passed away.

My first though was “Labyrinth“! I was a little child when I saw the movie, one of the best fantasy movies ever, and, looking at his mysterious dark figure, I had a crash on him. Who didn’t, right? Thinking these days in the impact of his music and his figure, I wanted to pay back so much inspiration with a little tribute: a blindfold mask and 2 crowns inspired in David Bowie and his Blackstar song.

E.V.E Poster Blackstar Mask and Crowns 02

March Uptade: You can find now this item in E.V.E’s marketplace and in world store.

Mask and crowns comes in same metallic colors than the Dancing Stars (silver, gold, bronze and black chrome).

  • The blindfold mask comes in 2 options: with metal eyes or black eyes
  • There are two versions by its shape of the stars crown: hard (M01) and soft (M02)

You can have them at The Secret Affair.

Both are and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • David Bowie Tribute collection
  • Unisex
  • Materials Enabled
  • Copy
  • 4 color packs in silver, gold, bronze and black chrome
  • Each color pack includes:
    • 2 crowns and 2 masks
    • A Color
    • Resizer

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