A Little Mystery Game

Prize card for the value of 1000 L$ to exchange for any 2016 new releases. (Just for E.V.E’s Group Members)

This is secret 05, the last secret in this The Game of Secrets Edition, but the secret itself is a little game to enjoy a preview of the first scene of Dystopia at LEA during this January, with a special prize for E.V.E’s Group members.

In this preview, you will play as Kira, Dystopia’s main character, to solve 3 clues to learn more about her world, herself and her objective.


  • A clue to locate 3 objects will be given on Saturdays 16, 23 and 30
  • The location of the starting point to solve the clues will be announced in E.V.E’s Group at any time on Saturdays and the clues expires 24 hours after being announced
  • Each clue will guide you to obtain a password with instructions to get one of the 3 objects that Kira needs
  • Wins the first member to unveil the mystery behind those objects before February 1, Monday, at 23.59 SLT
  • Winner will be announced during the first week of February


Just one E.V.E’s Group Member can win this prize, that will allow it’s owner to change it for upcoming 2016 E.V.E’s releases. They can be store, fair or event releases, less Gacha Machine releases.

Winner can spend the prize card in just one product or in more than one, the same day or in different days, until reaching the 1000L$ value. Winner can also spend the prize in gifts to friends and beloveds.

The prize card expire December 31, 2016.


In order to participate, you will need to wear E.V.E’s Group and be able to activate Advanced Lighting Model in viewer’s graphic options (Preferences / Graphic Tab).

Enjoy and break a leg!


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