Dream Grass



“A woman sleeps embracing her pillow and her transparent alter ego embraces her, while another part of her looks at both with lovely eyes. She is good, she feel her complete. It will be the same when she’ll wake up?”

Simba Schumann, Arte Libera gallerist, in the opening of DREAM.

The Game of Secrets, Secret 03: DREAM GRASS…

(Look inside January 6th in one of the Love Wish For The World boxes in E.V.E’s store)

Used in different artworks, this grass was originally created for my art installation DREAM. They are based in the famous painting of hands, dated from 7300 BC, of the Cueva de las Manos (Cave of Hands).

There are two versions included:

1. Alpha Blending (regular one)
2. Mask

The pack includes and is:

  • 2 versions, 3 grass blocks: blending, mask and mask+lights
  • Environment lights (optional)
  • 1prim/model (except the mask+lights model, that has 2prim/model)
  • Part of an art installation
  • MOD & Copy

Read more about The Game of Secrets!

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