Dystopia for Linden Endowment for the Arts

DYSTOPIA The Game of Secrets 01

“All we have secrets… Some are nested in a corner of the stomach while others, however, yearn to be discovered and struggling to govern the mouths that hold them.”

The Game of Secrets, part of Dystopia CG Art Installation.

After some moths, secret is on air…

Dystopia, my new CG art project, will be one of the 20 sim art installations you will see next year in the next round of LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts).

The art installation will be based in my short story Dystopia, that takes place in an alternative retro futuristic society, fallen into decay due lack of control over genetic and transhumanic experiments for fashion, during an Annual Mutagenic Fashion Week and will include The Game of Secrets scene, with some of the secrets that you are sending to me.

Thanks LEA Committee! And congrats to the other selected artists!! I’ve recognize some of the names and sure they’ll surprise us as always.

Read more:

Dystopia LEA 24 - LEA Map Round 10


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