Dancing Helix of Snowballs Animated Lights

The Dancing Snowballs lights is E.V.E's second new release for the Midwinter Fair (read more in the next post)

The Dancing Snowballs lights is E.V.E’s second new release for the Midwinter Fair. In this poster, you also can see a bit of the Rise Cloud in the sky.

Update January 3, 2016: You can find then now at E.V.E’s Marketstore.

Inspired in snowballs, sea bubbles and DNA Helix, the Dancing Helix of Snowballs animated lights are one of the 2 releases for the Midwinter Fair, decorated as a medieval market in the middle of a fantastic winter valley, starting the 13 of December.

  • Taxi to the Midwinter Fair here.

These snowballs lights moves in one conical double helix column, perfect to create focal points over a place, object or scene, even dressed undersea as bubble effect for photos. They combine with the Dancing Stars Fireflies and Path to cover larger areas of a sim. They come in:

  • Copy or MOD & Copy
  • 4 color packs for the Copy version: white and pink, available at the Midwinter, and blue and vanilla, just for E.V.E’s Group members during the The Game of Secrets – Christmas Edition from Dec. 24 to 26

Wanna a Christmas gift? You can have two! During these days you can get the pink pack at the Midwinter fair and the blue pack (read more soon in E.V.E’s Group and Subscriber).

You have a sample in E.V.E’s Sea Garden of what you can do with the Dancing Helix of Snowballs, the Winter Bush and the Rise Cloud (available as 10 L$ gift at the Christmas at 34th Street, in the tree next to E.V.E’s stand), come and have a look!

These lights are and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Animated
  • Copy version includes:
    • One conical double helix column of snowballs lights in a color
    • Resizer (default size 3 prims)
  • Mod & Copy version includes:
    • The white pack with MOD perms
    • A cloud example with MOD perms
    • Includes editable Slow Rotation script
    • Each column has:
      • A cube root prim to help to fix the rotation
      • 2 animated helix with script
        • Each helix has 2 faces-materials to change: a plain (to easy catch the lights) and the snowballs / bubbles

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