A pirate’s life for me

I don’t know why watching your picture it came to my mind that Gwen Steffani & Eve video.. “If I was a rich girl…”
Thanks you ❤

Rainbow Sundae


I was thrilled today to receive a preview copy of La Petite Morte’s release for the Skin Addiction Black Friday weekend sale, the Ellen CATWA applier. I’ve been hoping Voshie would make a CATWA applier soon and this one is beautiful. She has the most gorgeous freckly face and comes in all the usual tones with brow and no brow versions. This beauty will be available during the sale at the bargain price of 100L per tone! Not only that but the whole shop will be discounted by 50% for the weekend.

For the birthday round of The Fantasy Collective, Moon Elixir have released the Maiden outfit which includes the corset top, some cheeky shorts, undershirt and sleeves. The outfit comes in some lovely muted tones as well as darks and there’s a colour change hud for the various pieces. The outfit goes so well with their Thigh High Adventure Boots…

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