Broken grass

E.V.E poster Dystopia Stage Grass

Some weeks ago, I was informed that the gift I have at the Fantasy Collective, one of the models used in the Dystopia Stage, was displaying broken. It was pretty odd cause I’ve use that grass for long in my art installations, but it was true! Something happened and the grass sculpt form was lost, even being in a box.

I immediately re-did the grass, updated the FC’s pumpkin for Trick or Treat and send all you that have got the gift at the FC, but what was happened?

Willow Wilder, from Firestorm Team, send me the following note with the answer. Thanks a lot Willow and to Team Firestorm!

Hello EVEstudio and Noke Yuitza,

I’m with Firestorm team and we have been investigating recent complaints of “broken grass” for the past couple days and your gift from The Fantasy Collective is among the several reports we’ve received through our support group.

This has been reported on Linden Lab’s bug reporting system under where you can see an example of how the grass now appears when rezzed.

The Lab has indicated this was a server change this week to address an exploit.

I wanted to pass this information along so you are aware of it and can address if on the JIRA if you choose to do so.

Willow Wilder
Firestorm Team


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