Swing Alma hats release for We Love RP

Swing Alma Hat in bronze.

Swing Alma Hat in bronze.

“Hey! It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. Do wah, do wah, do wah, do wah, do wah…”

(Swing Kits, 1993)

A curiosity about the Swing Alma Hat: is inspired in those years between the World Wars of the 20th Century, when the free thinkers, artists, poets… all them were dancing to the swing…

The Swing Alma Hat it’s going to be E.V.E’s new release for Nov.’s rounds of Art in Hats and We ❤ RP, both starting the 4th. But the Art in Hats will have a black special version of 4 hats, a Hot Jazz one, called “The Black Widow”, made to help to collect funds in support of the American Diabetes Association.

While, at the We ❤ RP you will find Swing Alma Hat in the following colors:

  1. Silver box (includes silver and silver & glow hats)
  2. Gold box (includes gold and gold & glow hats)
  3. Bronze box (includes bronze and bronze & glow hats)
  4. Antique Bronze box (includes antique bronze and antique bronze & glow hats)
  5. Aqua box (includes aqua and aqua & glow hats)
  6. Red box (includes red and red & glow hats)

The Swing Alma Hats are and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Unisex
  • Materials enabled
  • In different colors
  • A special* version: “The Black Widow”
  • Each pack includes 2 hats: color and color & glow (with transparency)
  • Resizer
  • Copy

*This product may have one or more of the following pack versions: special, exclusive, fat pack, rare, ultrarare.


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