The Black Widow

New Orleans, 1927, the day before the Great Flood.

The solo notes of a lazy trumpet announced the marching. The people opened their umbrellas and started to walk while the band was adding color to the song. The funeral procession had begun, with the young grieving widow close to her husband’s coffin.

Detective DeForest was smoking a cigarette while was watching the show going on from the other side of the road  with his partner.

“Do you believe she killed the banker?”, he asked. “There’s no evidence of that”, Deforest said. “But… come on… isn’t that her third husband died in mysterious circumstances?”, said the police officer. The widow turned her head and looked at him with those black eyes so intense that seemed to strip his soul. “Maybe some day, Sam… maybe some day…”

The Black Widow Silver poster.

The Black Widow Silver poster.

The Swing Alma Hat it’s going to be E.V.E’s new release for Nov.’s rounds of Art in Hats and We ❤ RP, both starting the 4th. But the Art in Hats will have a black special version of 4 hats, a Hot Jazz one, called “The Black Widow”, made to help to collect funds in support of the American Diabetes Association. Also for this last, you will find an exclusive release for the Trinity 3.1 Hats as exclusive and unique copy during Art in Hats Auction.

Taxi: Art in Hats

This special version will have a fat pack for all the hats that includes:

  • Black chrome hat
  • Black chrome & glow hat
  • The Black Widow Silver hat
    • 2 Swing Black Widow animated little stars-bubbles in white: with/without light
  • The Black Widow Gold hat
    • 2 Swing Black Widow animated little stars-bubbles in golden: with/without light

The Black Widow is and have:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Unisex
  • Materials enabled
  • special version
  • Has a black fat pack: includes all the 4 black hats and 4 animated little stars-bubbles lights (in golden and white and with/without light)
  • Resizer
  • Copy

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