“They turned off the lights. “It’s time… Give them the opium they want”, said Dr. Muipo with expectation, checking his pocket watch and peering from the backstage to the public in the 3th Annual Mutagenic Fashion Week. His new design, blending flora with human gens, was going to be presented in short. The music started and the central focus lit the translucent cocoon while this was going up on stage through a trapdoor shrouded in smoke. Something… no… someone was inside, awakening. She broke the cocoon, born this way to a world that was looking at her flower eyes both with wonder and terror.”

Continuing with Dystopia universe! Singularity Tribe (my favorite electronic music group) asked me to do for their Halloween party a stage and I decided to turn my short story above in 3D. The party is over, but you can find Dystopia Stage open to visit and photographers until 24th, when the sim closes, with some of my old and new releases. You can see bellow some cool pictures from music producer Alexi Ayres, one of the performers for that night with Tracer and Flicky.

The taxi here.


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