DYSTOPIA Rose Window Room Divider and Bloody Gears

Dystopia Stage Technicolor - Before the party (by Noke)

Some of you already know that Singularity Tribe electronic music group asked me to do for their Halloween party a stage and I decided to turn my short story Dystopia in 3D and, in the most pure Bioshock style, put it underwater.

Now you can get some of my new art nouveau & deco Dystopia pieces used for to do the stage set as new releases for the Fantasy Collective Halloween’s round:

1. DYSTOPIA Rose Window Room Divider
2. DYSTOPIA Bloody Gears
3. DYSTOPIA Stage Grass M01 Smoke & Glow (Treat Gift!!)

Also included in this round of the FC from my Dystopia Stage:
4. Waving Bioluminescent Fungus in Orange and Purple
5. Dancing Stars Fireflies in Red, Orange and Purple

Taxi to the FC here.

Until Oct. 24, when the sim closes, you can see the Dystopia Stage at Singularity Tribe (its open to photographers) here.


E.V.E DYSTOPIA Poster Rose Window Room Divider Gold

For a more realistic-looking, activate Advanced Lighting Model in viewer’s graphic options. Colors: black chrome, golden years and cinema noir silver.

Each pack includes:

  • A color
  • 2 sizes:
    • Original (L) / Vanity table (S)
  • 2 versions:
    • With / without Rose Window Eyes Group
  • OPCIONAL items:
    • Divider Room piece
    • Rose Window piece
    • Crystal Eye piece for pictures (MOD)
    • 2 Environment lighting suggested (MOD): Halloween and white
  • Resizer
How to change the image in Crystal Eye piece?

The Crystal Eye piece is modify, what means you can edit the object and change the size and the textures yourself.

  1. In Texture Tab, change the image and any other settings
  2. In Rose Window Room Divider’s Objects Tab, copy the location and rotation
  3. Paste the location and rotation into Crystal Eye piece’s Objects Tab
  4. Be sure to put the Crystal Eye between the two transparent layers of eyes, just behind the frontal one
HOW TO CHANGE THE settings of the environment lighting?

Read it here:

100% original mesh design / Dystopia Collection / Materials Enabled / Part of an art installation / Copy


Each pack includes:

  • 100% original mesh design
  • 2 sizes: Original (L) / Vanity table (S)
  • **Halloween Environment Lighting (MOD; optional)
  • Resizer
  • Part of an art installation
  • Copy

E.V.E - Dystopia Stage Bloody Gears


Dystopia Stage Grasses is my set of 4 different types of grasses used in my Dystopia Stage. Is not the 1st time I’ve used them for my art installations (Tears in Rain, Rise, Trinity…), but is the 1st time I free the 4 models for personal use.

This box contains a special version as gift for Halloween’s Trick or Tread in colors: smoke and ghost.

– M01 for Trick or Tread
– Colors for Trick or Tread: smoke and ghost
– 1prim/model
– Part of an art installation
– MOD & Copy

E.V.E poster Dystopia Stage Grass


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