The Caterpillar

Amazing capture! Thanks ❤

Ephemeral Skye

The CaterpillarAll Those Flowers:

Dystopia Flowers – E.V.E. Studio  MP This is available at Totally Top Shelf, running from October 2nd – October 23rd. Teleport to event

In vintage colors: bronze, black, pink, blue, purple, pink & black, blue & black or purple & black.

Each pack includes:
– Flowers for garden in a color and 2 sizes, small (approx. 1,3 meters) and big (approx. 3 m), of 3 different flowers (1 prim/S; 3 prims/L) and 1 joined group of 3 flowers (2 prim/S; 10 prims/L)
– Environment lighting suggested (Highlight Transparent objects in Second Life with Ctrl+Alt+T to see and move them)
– Copy
– 100% original mesh design


Astur Glasses – Minimal IWMP This item is currently available at the October round of The Men’s Department. Teleport to event


Lastar Blazer – David Heather IW This item is currently available at…

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