Waving Bioluminescent Fungus lights

Waving biolum fungus lanimated ights Halloween version

Waving bioluminescent fungus animated lights Halloween version

“In the ocean, [bioluminescence] is the rule rather than the exception.”

Edith Widder, Ocean Research & Conservation Association.

Inspired in bioluminescent organisms, the Waving Bioluminescent Fungus animated lights comes in 2 versions: Copy and Mod&Copy. You will find them during October’s last round of Fair Play “El Mundo” and later in E.V.E marketplace.

E.V.E (V) Waving biolum fungus lights


  • Animated version
  • A color (white, black smoke, vanilla, blue, pink, orange, purple, red, green)
  • Sizes:
    • A squared block in 1×1 (4prims), 5×5 (4prims) and 10×10 (11prims)
    • A path block in 1.25×5 (4prims), 2.5×10 (4prims) and 5×20 (11prims)


  • 2 Mod&Copy blocks: 1 squared with 4 tiles, 1 path with 4 tiles
    • Each block has a base prim + 4 tiles with 3 materials to customize (plane, stem, sphere)
  • An example on how to do the waving effect animation

Learn more about how to edit modify version of this lights here.

Achieve the waving sea effect

To generate a “sea effect”, put 2 blocks nearly overlapped and rotate one 90 degrees.
You can mix blocks with different color lights and, if you have the MOD version, texture, transparent and glow intensity,… all you can imagine to get diversity in your sets!

E.V.E Poster 01 Waving biolum fungus lights


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