Dancing Stars Fireflies

E.V.E Poster Stars Fireflies Light Path M01

“Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,

And here on earth come emulating flies…”

Fireflies in the Garden, poem by Robert Frost.

The Dancing Stars Fireflies animated lights dance as fireflies and comes in COPY or COPY & MOD versions. The Copy version includes in each pack a color and 3 different sizes:

  • Colors to choose: white, black, vanilla, pink or blue
  • Sizes in meters: 1×1, 2 prims; 5×5, 2 prims; 10×10, 8 prims

You can get them at E.V.E marketplace this weekend!


They have a transparent box and planes to help you to select and edit the lights.

  1. Activate Highlight Transparent objects in Second Life with Ctrl+Alt+T to see them
  2. Right Mouse Button click over the plane or box to open the secondary menu and choose Edit

E.V.E Dancing Stars Fireflies - Editing the lights 01 and 02


MOD version means you have the free to modify an object as you wish with no need of a resizer or a Hud to change colors, textures, brightness or glow, joint and un-joint their parts, make it physical, enable lights and materials… You are absolutely free to do any modification! MOD / COPY versions are specially orientated to builders and artists that know some basics about prim-mesh Edition in Second Life. But don’t worry, to edit these lights you don’t need to be a crack 😉

To achieve and keep the Dancing  Effect you have to have in mind a few things:

  1. To create a cloud of Dancing Stars Fireflies, you have to have at least 2 blocks mirrored in vertical axis (one flipped in opposite direction), or if you are playing just with deep 2 blocks at least to combine
    1. By default there are 2 planes of stars joined in vertical axis in a block (but you can un-link them if you like). To edit one of them you only need to select “Edit Parts” in the Editing-Building Menu. Each plane of stars have two materialspolygroups face selection, one for the plane itself and other for the starts. This means that you can just select the stars or the plane with “Choose face” and change individual configurations
    2. The easier way to change the transparency of the stars, if you wish to do that, is by selecting “Edit Parts” and change it. Then the plane can be visible, so after do the modifications, “Select Face” of just the plane itself and make it again 100% transparent. Planes are just there to help you to catch and manipulate and edit the stars easier
  2. In a block, one plane of stars must be NO full bright but YES glow and the other YES full bright and YES glow. You can change the glow intensity to play with different skies configurations
  3. To have a Smooth Rotation Script (included by default in each plane of light, but you can delete it and put yours). The root prim is just there to help to keep joint the block with the 2 planes of stars with the correct rotation

That’s all! Happy editing 😉

  • 100% original mesh design
  • Animated Lights
  • 2 versions: COPY or COPY & MOD
    • COPY version includes:
      • A Color (white, black, vanilla, pink or blue)
      • 3 blocks in 3 different sizes: 1X1 (2 PRIMS), 5X5 (2 PRIMS), 10X10 (8 PRIMS)
    • MOD & COPY version includes:
      • A block fully modifiable and copyable

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