Stars Fireflies light path

Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies…

( Fireflies in the Garden, By Robert Frost)

The Stars Fireflies Light Path model 01 is E.V.E’s new release for the We ❤ RP September Round. It comes in COPY & MOD version and will be with a discount of the 50% off during September’s Round of the WE RP, that starts the 4th at 3 PM SLT.

Vendor [E.V.E] Stars Fireflies lights path M01 MOD AND COPY 01

E.V.E Stars Fireflies Light Path release will be inside Alegria Studio’s stand at the We ❤ RP. Taxi here!


MOD version means you have the free to modify an object as you wish with no need of a resizer or a Hud to change colors, textures, brightness or glow, joint and un-joint their parts, make it physical, enable lights and materials… You are absolutely free to do any modification! MOD / COPY versions are specially orientated to builders and artists that know some basics about prim-mesh Edition in Second Life. But don’t worry, to edit these lights you don’t need to be a crack 😉

Inside is a mod & copy block of Stars Fireflies light Path, ready to be used to customize your own path.


The block has a transparent plane to help you to select and edit the stars.

  1. Activate Highlight Transparent objects in Second Life with Ctrl+Alt+T to see them
  2. Right Mouse Button click over the plane to open the secondary menu and choose Edit
  3. Each block of stars is one object formed by a plane and the stars, each one with its own material–polygroup face selection: one for the plane itself and other for the starts. This means that you can just select the stars or the plane with “Choose face” and change individual configurations in “Texture Tab”
    1. The easier way to change the transparency, texture, glow… of the stars is by selecting “Edit Parts” and change it. Then the plane can be visible, so after do the modifications, “Select Face” of just the plane and make it again 100% transparent. Planes are just there to help you to catch and manipulate and edit the stars easier

– 100% original mesh
– Stars Fireflies‘s lights collection

Enjoy 😉
E.V.E Studio*

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A curiosity about the poster of the Starts Fireflies: The face you see was part of  DREAM art installation. Here a machinima by Wizardoz Chrome about!

*E.V.E is artist Noke Yuitza’s new project for CG art and fashion designs in Second Life. By this reason, E.V.E will be updating its marketplace and blog during Sept and Oct. Please, subscribe to keep in the loop!


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